Farishtey Scheme Punjab 2024

Farishtey Scheme Punjab:- The Punjab government has launched “Farishtey Plan Punjab 2024“. Private hospitals in the state licensed under the scheme can charge rates at government-mandated rates. According to government officials, the Farishtey online application program is open to all hospitals. Under this scheme, all road accidents in Punjab will get free assistance. Under this government-funded program, the government pays for patients’ medical expenses. Punjab citizens can apply using the official website. To know more about Farishtey’s plans for Punjab 2024, read this article.

About Farishtey Scheme Punjab

Under the Farishtey plan, if someone is injured and taken to hospital, Punjab will be called “Farishta” by the government. Will be given Rs. 2,000 items. Under Monday’s plan, it will cover costs for anyone who goes to hospital for treatment as a result of a car crash. Residents can receive free medical care at private hospitals if they are injured in a government-related accident. Patients receive care in Punjab until they leave. However, in other countries, care is provided within the first 48 hours. The Punjab government is wise to launch this scheme to help its people.

Farishtey Scheme Punjab(Highlights)

Name of Scheme Farishtey Scheme Punjab
Launched By Government Of Punjab
Beneficiaries All citizens of the state Punjab
Objective Providing free treatment facilities to citizens affected by road accidents in the state
Benefits Free treatment in case of road accidents in private hospitals
Official Website Farishtey Punjab Portal

Farishtey Scheme Punjab(Objectives)

The main objective of Punjab Farishtai Scheme is to provide adequate care to road accident victims. To help the poor, both government and private hospitals have registered under the scheme. Under the scheme, private hospitals will repay debts at interest rates set by the government. Charges in private hospitals under Ayushman Bharat Sehat Bima Yojana are as per Farishtey Project 2024. Included are 52 completed urgent care fee package listings. The benefits of the program reach all residents, regardless of their country of origin and especially their culture. Additionally, all road accident victims can receive free treatment at a nearby hospital or private residence.

Farishtey Scheme Punjab(Benefits)

  • This program’s main objective is to provide free hospital care to people hurt in auto accidents.
  • The full cost of care in private hospitals will be paid for by the state government.
  • According to recently released state government records, the state health agency has identified 52 packages for the treatment of accident victims, and the empaneled hospitals will be awarded in accordance with the HBP 2.2 package rates set by the National Health Authority.
  • 238 private and 146 state hospitals make up the 384 hospitals in the state that have taken part in this programme and completed the Punjab Farishtey Scheme Apply Online 2024 process.

Farishtey Scheme Punjab(Eligibility)

  • The applicant must remain a permanent resident of Punjab.
  • The only people eligible for free medical care are those who have been in automobile accidents.
  • All necessary documentation must be in the candidate’s possession.

Farishtey Scheme Punjab(Documents)

  • Aadhar Card
  • PAN Card
  • Address Proof
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport Size Photo

Farishtey Scheme Punjab(Registration Process)

  • Visit the Farishtey Punjab official website first.
  • On the homepage, click the Apply Online option.
  • The application form will now open on your screen.
  • Enter the hospital’s name, address, and any other pertinent information in the form.
  • Click on the “Submit” button down below.
  • The registration process is now complete.

Contact Information

Helpline number; 2740265 PBX-4246

Email id; dir.dpr@punjab.gov.in


What is Punjab’s Farishtey scheme?

Under this programme, all victims of traffic accidents in Punjab State will receive free medical care. The government pays for the patient’s medical expenses under this programme that is supported by the government.

What are the requirements to be eligible for this scheme?

The applicant must remain a permanent resident of Punjab. The only people eligible for free medical care are those who have been in automobile accidents.

Whom will the Punjabi government refer to as Farishta?

Punjab will be deemed “Farishta” by the government under the Farishtey system if someone is hurt and someone else takes them to the hospital. and given away a Rs. 2,000 rewards.



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