PM Cares For Children Yojana 2024: Apply Online, Benefits

PM Cares for Children Yojana You might be aware, covid-19 is causing a massive impact around the globe. Children also have been affected by the covid-19. They’ve lost their normal life and parents as a result of covid-19. In order to offer support for these children to help them, the Government of India has launched the PM Cares For Children Yojana. Through the Prime Minister’s Care for Children scheme, different types of social and financial assistance will be offered to recipients. This article will give details about this scheme. PM Cares for Children scheme. It will help you understand the ways to take advantage of this scheme when you read through the article.

About PM Cares For Children Yojana 2024

The Prime Minister, the honorable Narendra Modi launched the PM Cares For Children Yojana. Through this program, children who lost both their parents to covid-19 will receive numerous benefits, including rehabilitation facilities, gap funds to support education as well as a monthly stipend as well as a lump-sum of 10 lakhs on reaching the age of 23. The government has recognized the necessity to have a separate fund, whose primary goal is to handle any emergency or challenging scenario. To address this the government has launched an official trust for charitable donations called the the PM Cares Fund. The financial aid under it will be offered via the PM Care Fund. The ministry of child and women’s wellbeing will act as the primary agency in charge of managing the PM care fund.

Details Of PM Cares For Children Yojana

Name Of The Scheme Pm Cares For Children Yojana
Launched By Government Of India
Beneficiary Those Children Who Have Lost Their Parents Due To Covid-19
Objective To Provide Financial Support To The Beneficiary
Official Website
Year 2024

Objective Of PM Cares For Children Yojana

The primary goal for PM Cares For Children Yojana is to provide social and financial security to children who have lost parents because of covid-19. In this scheme, rehabilitation facilities, support for education and financial aid to help with day-to-day tasks are provided. To ensure that children don’t have to depend on anyone for meet their needs. This scheme will raise the standard of living for the beneficiaries. Beneficiaries will also be independent. The government will also be able assist beneficiaries in obtaining higher education.

Benefits And Features Of PM Cares For Children Yojana

  • The revered prime minister Narendra Modi launched the PM Cares For Children Yojana.
  • In this program, children who lost both parents to covid-19 will receive diverse benefits that include rehabilitation facilities, gap funds to ensure education as well as a monthly stipend as well as a lump sum of Rs 10 lakh upon the day they turn 23.
  • Government officials have recognized the necessity for a separate fund whose principal goal will be to handle any emergency or challenging scenario.
  • To accomplish this the government has established an unofficial trust for charitable donations named PM Cares Fund.
  • The financial aid under the program will be made available through the PM Care Fund.
  • The ministry of child and women’s welfare will serve as the central agency in the management of this PM care account.
  • The government has arranged to provide financial aid in the amount of Rs 4000 per month.
  • Participants will additionally be supplied with health cards issued by Ayushman.
  • On May 30, 2022, PM Narendra Modi unveiled the benefits offered under the PM Cares for Children scheme.
  • The officer of the ADM level is named by the DM to address grievances
  • A Grievance Redressal Mechanism is constructed on the portal that assists in bringing up and addressing the grievance
  • Alerts will be also sent via the portal to address the pending grievances
  • This portal also feature an integrated dashboard as well as a historical grievance redressal records.
  • Participants in the PM cares to children Yojana will be registered under the scheme AyushmanBharat and will be covered by health insurance of 5 lakh rupees

Entitlements Under PM Cares For Children Yojana

     Support for Boarding and Lodging

  • The district magistrate along with his welfare panel will work to investigate the possibility of helping the child who is in the care of an extended family, relatives or family members.
  • If the family of extended members doesn’t want to live with the child, then the child of between 4 and 10 years old can be put in foster homes upon thorough investigation.
  • When the child’s foster parent isn’t available, then the child will be placed with an a suitable child care institution.
  • If the child’s age is greater than 10 years old and who aren’t sheltered by foster or extended family members or family members, they are taking classes at Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Awasiya Vidyalaya Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya Eklavya Model School, Sainik School, Navodaya Vidyalaya or any other residential school.
  • The goal is to ensure all siblings remain together as long as it is possible.

    Assistance for pre-school and school education

  • For children who’s are younger than 6 years old Assistance and support from the Anganwadi Service will be offered for supplementary nutrition and preschool education, vaccination and so on.
  • Children who are younger than 10 years old, is granted to the closest school to be an academic day scholar.
  • For schools of the government in the Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan free textbooks, uniforms, and uniforms will be provided.
  • In private schools tuition fees will be exempt under the RTE Act.
  • If the child isn’t able to be eligible for the benefits mentioned above, then the charges will be paid from the PM care fund.
  • Any child with an age range of 11 and 16 years old can be admitted to the closest school.
  • If the care of the child is required, arrangements are made through the authority.
  • Children will also receive help in obtaining higher-education loans for professional training.
  • If a child is not able to take advantage of the interest exemption offered by the government scheme, the cost of the loan will be borne by the PM care fund.
  • Government will grant an award of 20000 rupees for all children in school in accordance with the regulations

   Health Insurance

  • Beneficiaries of PM cares for children Yojana will be enrolled under Ayushman Bharat scheme and will get health insurance cover of Rs 5 lakh

   Financial support

  • Beneficiaries of the scheme will receive monthly stipend of Rs 4000 after attaining 18 years of age till 23 years of age.
  • After attaining 23 years of age beneficiary will be provided an amount of Rs 10 lakh.
  • The amount will be transferred directly into the bank account of the beneficiary.

Process Flow For PM Cares For Children Yojana

  • Identification of the beneficiary A district magistrate is expected to lead an initiative to identify of the beneficiary, in conjunction with departments. Children who lost both parents, or who have a surviving parents or guardianship, or adoptive parent, or a single adoptive parent will benefit from this program.
  • Beneficiary registration Once the beneficiary is identified, the beneficiary, the application for support will be submitted by the caregiver or child, or any other entity that produces child prior to CWC. The children identified will be registered via the portal within a week’s period.
  • Beneficiary verificationAfter completion of the form, the authority that has completed it will verify the information to determine the eligibility of beneficiaries. Authorities will verify the eligibility requirements of the applicant. If it is determined that a child is not eligible, the candidate is removed from the scheme. If it is determined that the time that the child is eligible, the account of the child will be opened, and funds will be transferred.
  • Opening of accounts Account opening-After thorough confirmation of the eligibility of the candidate, an account is created under his or her name. If the child’s age falls less than 18 years old, the account of the child will be opened by District magistrates as the joint account holders until when the child reaches the age of 18. If the child’s age is beyond 18 years at the date of joining the account, only one account will be created in this case.
  • transfer of money:After opening the bank account, the amount of benefit will be directly credited into accounts of beneficiaries. Authorities must transfer the money into the account of the beneficiary within one month from receiving the money.
  • Linkage of Beneficiaries with Another Scheme:It is mandatory to possess an Aadhar Card to be eligible for this scheme. If the beneficiary doesn’t have an Aadhar Card then the authorities can assist with the Aadhar registration

Procedure To Apply Under PM Cares For Children Yojana

      • The first step is to visit this site to access the official site of PM Cares. PM Cares scheme
    • PM Cares For Children Yojana
    • The homepage will be displayed ahead of you.
    • On the homepage there is a requirement to sign up here.
    • Then you will be directed to a different page.
    • In this section, you need to fill in all the required details.
    • You will need to submit all the documents required
    • Then, click submit
    • Following this process, you are able to apply under PM child care Yojana

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