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Atal Innovation Mission 2023:Eligibility,Benefits

Atal Innovation Mission:- The Indian government’s major initiative to create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship across the country is the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM). AIM’s goals are to develop new policies and programs, promote economic innovation, provide collaborative initiatives and opportunities for diverse stakeholders, and establish a key organization that oversees technology and business in the country. Read the entire article to learn about Atal’s innovation mission, including its vision, goals, achievements, actions, implementation strategies, and more.

What Is Atal Innovation Mission?

NITI Aayog launched the Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) to promote entrepreneurship and innovation across the country. The initiative was launched in response to discussions and a comprehensive assessment of India’s innovation and business needs in the coming years. Encourage the creation and promotion of innovation and business environment in various sectors including universities, science, technology and higher education, SMEs/MSMEs, corporate and NGO companies. AIM plays an important role in bringing innovation. Policies across central, state and departmental reform programs should be coordinated with each other.

The long-term objective of AIM is to revitalize scientific and technological innovation in major research institutions such as the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the Institute of Agricultural Enterprise (ICAR) and the Institute of Medical Research (ICMR). ), according to the needs of the country’s social sector. This will support the establishment of Small Business Research and Development (AIM-SBIR) for SMEs, MSMEs and Start-ups.

Atal Innovation Yojana

Atal Innovation Mission(Highlights)

Name Atal Innovation Mission
Initiated by Government of India
Launched by NITI Aayog
Objective to create an innovative and entrepreneurial culture throughout the whole nation
Official Website


Atal Innovation Mission(Objectives)

Atal Innovation Mission(Achievement)

Atal Innovation Mission 2023(Activities)

Atal Innovation Mission(Struggle)

India is the largest democracy in the world. With more than 1 billion people, 33 countries, 8 federal territories and diverse languages, each region faces unique challenges in terms of cultural prospects and economic growth. Future developers should be aware of the importance and severity of these issues. Therefore, it is important to provide incentives for creative thinking and solving problems that affect cities, states, and governments across the country—academic institutions, businesses, and even the world.

Atal fixes problems in educational institutions. Incentives come from the Atal Grand Challenge at the national level and the Atal New India Challenge for startups and universities. Such incentives can encourage projects and businesses that create new markets and solutions to problems, as well as find ready-made customers. Challenges include drinking water and sanitation, urban housing and development, smart agriculture to combat climate change, rail and transport safety, and other areas where technology can benefit the world and deliver results. More than 35,000 students participated in the Atal Tinkering Marathon, creating more than 6,000 innovations across five international competitions.

Application Process for Atal Innovation Mission

Inviting applicants via online application: Schools have three to four months to complete the online ATL application. With the online ATL program, schools can easily submit their ATL plans online.

Application Evaluation: Applications received may be processed using appropriate criteria. It has a small enrollment, math and science students, a basic computer and internet centre, constant electricity, science laboratories, library and playground and staff and student attendance. There are some conditions that a person must have to be a good person. Eligible schools are selected and evaluated based on these criteria.

Final evaluation: Additional criteria will be used to measure the school’s commitment to using ATL as a way to transform itself into an innovation space. After the final review, the list of shortlisted schools will be announced on the AIM website. The amount issued and approval by the authorities determine how much ATL is allocated and issued each time. Schools must complete the following tasks, described in the next section, to be eligible for aid.



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