Banishree Scholarship 2023:Track Scholarship Status

Banishree Scholarship :- The Odisha government is launching various types of schemes for children with special needs. Today, we tell you about a scheme launched by the Odisha Government called Banishree Scholarship 2023. Under this scheme, the Odisha government provides scholarships to children with special needs.

By reading this article, you will get complete information about this scholarship program such as: B. What is Banishree Scholarship 2023? Its benefits, objectives, features, eligibility criteria, required documents, application procedure, etc. So, if you are interested to know every detail of Banishree Scholarship then kindly read this article carefully till the end.

What Is Banishree Scholarship?

In order to promote education of children with special needs (students with disabilities), the Odisha Government has launched the Banishree Scholarship. Through this scholarship program, students can receive financial awards to help fund their studies. The main objective of this scholarship program is to motivate students to fulfill their dreams by fulfilling their educational needs. These regulations will come into effect on April 1, 2008. Students undergoing technical, vocational or vocational training can also benefit from this provision. Only residents of Odisha can benefit from this scholarship scheme.

The annual family income of the applicant must not exceed 60,000 rupees. Through the Banishree Scholarship Scheme, a financial award of Rs 100 to Rs 250 is provided in addition to other stipends. The scholarship amount will be transferred directly to the bank account of the scholarship recipient.

Banishree Scholarship Scheme2023(Objectives)

The main objective of the Banishree Scholarship Program is to motivate students with special needs to pursue education. Through this scholarship program, students can receive financial support and some special grants so that children can continue their education without having to consider financial burdens. Students with disabilities can earn a living with the help of the Banishree Scholarship Scheme. Under this scholarship scheme, students will receive a monthly scholarship of Rs 100 to Rs 250, which will encourage them to study further.

Key Highlights Of Banishree Scholarship 2023

  • Name Of The Scheme- Banishree Scholarship
  • Launched By- Government Of Odisha
  • Beneficiaries Students With Special Needs
  • Objective- To Motivate Students With Special Needs To Get Education
  • Official Website-
  • Year- 2023
  • Financial Assistance- Rs 100 To Rs 250
  • State- Odisha
  • Scheme Type- Government
  • Application Type Online/Offline

Banishree Scholarship(Hike Amount)

The Government of Odisha offers many scholarships to students of different abilities under the Banishree Scholarship Scheme. This was released by Ashok Chandra Panda, Minister of Social Security and Persons with Disabilities Empowerment, on December 21, 2021. The Ministry of Social Security and Empowerment of People with Disabilities has increased funding for these courses. The scholarship increase will be implemented from 2022-23 and more than 23,600 students will benefit. Details of the increase in revenue are as follows:-

Classes Previous Amount(per month) Current Amount(per month)
Class 1st to class 5th Rs 200 Rs 400
Plus 2 plus 3 students Rs 300 Rs 600
Post-graduation Rs 350 Rs 700
Technical and vocational training Rs 350 Rs 700
Students from class 1st to university level who are residing outside the state Rs 350 Rs 700
Reader allowance for visually impaired student in primary school Rs 100 Rs 200
Reader allowance for visually impaired students for middle school Rs 150 Rs 300
Reader allowance for rest of the student Rs 200 Rs 400
Transport allowance of students with 75 or more percentage of disability Rs 100 Rs 200


Benefits And Features Of Banishree Scholarship

  • Banishree scholarship Scheme is launched by the government of Odisha in order to promote education
  • Through this scholarship scheme, children with special needs will get financial assistance
  • This scheme has been launched in order to promote education among children with special needs
  • The government is going to finance the education of children with special needs with the help of this scholarship scheme
  • Through this scholarship scheme financial incentive from Rs 100 to Rs 250 will be provided along with some other allowances
  • With the help of this scheme, children will be motivated to achieve their dreams by fulfilling their educational needs
  • This scheme came into effect on 1st April 2008
  • Financial assistance will also be provided to children acquiring technical, professional, or vocational training
  • Only the residents of Odisha can take benefit of this scheme
  • The family income of the applicant should not be more than Rs 60000 per annum in order to get the benefit of the Banishree Scholarship scheme
  • The amount of scholarship will be directly transferred into the bank account of the beneficiary

Beneficiaries Of Banishree Scholarship 2023

  • Students in grades 1 to 5 of primary school
  • Students in grades 6 to 10 of secondary and higher secondary schools (not covered by Government of India scholarships)
  • Students of colleges and universities (not covered by Government of India scholarships)
  • Students studying in special subjects as per PWD 1995 Act registered schools (not included under Government of India Scholarships)
  • Students pursuing distance courses through recognized universities/public institutions
    Students pursuing technical education.

 Banishree Scholarship(Financial Assistence)

Financial Assistance Amount
Primary Classes (Inside Odisha) Rs 100 per month
Middle and high school (Inside Odisha) Rs 140 per month
College (undergraduate) (Inside Odisha) Rs 160 per month
College (post graduate) (Inside Odisha) Rs 190 per month
Technical and vocational training (Inside Odisha) Rs 190 per month
For student who are pursuing normal course of study or any kind of Technical, vocational, professional education or training which is not available in Odisha Rs 250 per month


Allowance Under Banishree Scholarship

Scholarships are available to poor students from the Government of Odisha through the Banishree Scholarship. For first class, the government pays Rs 100 per month. For junior high school and high school, the government provides 150 Rs per month, and for other education, the government provides 200 yuan per month. This support will be granted if the organization leader confirms during the course that the student has engaged a reader. Apart from this, students with disabilities of 75% or above will get Rs 100 per month as transport subsidy as they require special transport arrangements.

Banishree Scholarship(Instructions)

  • If the student changes the educational institution then he or she will continue to get a scholarship
  • If the student wants to file any kind of dispute regarding banishree scholarship then he or she has to file it before the collector
  • The decision of the collector will be final in case of disputes
  • Under banishree scholarship the guidelines can be amended at any time without any notice by the government in women and child development department
  • To apply under this scheme income certificate is not required if the student belongs to the BPL family
  • The amount of scholarship will be deposited directly into the bank account of the beneficiary
  • If the student is getting the benefit of any similar kind of scholarship from the state or Central Government then he or she cannot avail the benefit of this scheme

Banishree Scholarship(Implimentation)

The local welfare officer is responsible for printing all documents. They provide these forms to sub-collectors, block development officers, heads of schools, colleges, educational institutions etc. Afterwards, these forms should be sent to the head of the organization. These courses are transferred by the block development officer or sub-collector.

The principal of the educational institution must verify the student’s application and the documents it holds. The educational institution then forwards this information to the collector or BDO. BDO or the fundraiser will deposit the scholarship into the winner’s bank account in two installments.

Banishree Scholarship 2023(Eligibility)

  • The applicant must be a resident of Odisha
  • The annual income of the applicant must not exceed Rs 60,000
  • The applicant must be a resident of a recognized institution
  • The applicant must not receive financial assistance from the state, government or center under other schemes
  • If the student is registered He who takes this course and is still in school will continue to receive these scholarships regardless of whether he has passed the year.

 Banishree Scholarship(Documents)

  • Disability certificate issued by the medical board
  • Income certificate issued by revenue officer (not below the rank of tehsildar or any other officer of equivalent status)
  • Marksheet of the last examination passed which should be duly attested by a gazetted officer of the head of the institution
  • Those students who belong to below poverty line category need not submit an income certificate

Banishree Scholarship(Offline Apply Procedure)

  • You have to go to the sub-collector/ block development officer/ head of school/ colleges/ educational institutions
  • Now you have to collect the banishree scholarship form from them
  • You have to duly fill this form by entering all the required details like your name, mobile number, email id, etc
  • Now you have to attach all the required documents
  • You have to submit this form to the same place from where you have collected it
  • By following this procedure you can apply for the banishree scholarship

Banishree Scholarship(Online Apply Procedure)

  • First of all go to the official website ( social security and empowerment of persons with disability department, Government of Odisha
 Banishree Scholarship
 Banishree Scholarship
  • Now you have to select a new application
  • After that, you have to click on proceed
Banishree Scholarship
  • An Application form will open before you
  • In this application form you have to enter the following information:-
    • Year
    • Name
    • Gender
    • Nature of disability
    • Date of birth
    • Age
    • Police station
    • Citizenship status
    • Aadhar number
    • Social category
    • District
    • Subdivision
    • Address
    • Bank account details
    • Mobile number etc
  • Now you have to upload all the required documents like passbook front page, mark sheet, disability certificate, and photo
  • After that, you have to click on submit details and take a print copy
  • By following this procedure you can apply for the banishree scholarship


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