Kalia Yojana Cash Coming to Your Account SOON!NEXT PAYMENT Revealed!

Kalia Yojana Next Installment: According to Mr. Naveen Patel, Chief Minister of Odisha State, on March 11th 2024, the Kalia Installment Program provided cash support for 45.76 lakhs farmers worth Rs 933 billion. Odisha Kalia Yojana status allows farmers to view information about their Kalia Yojana payment amount. If you are a farmer eligible in Odisha and looking for the Kalia Yojana next installment date, then you have come to the right place.

Kalia Yojana Next Installment Date 2024

Naveen Patnaik, Odisha chief minister, announced the latest installment of Kalia Yojana on Monday 11th March. This flagship program of the state government credited 46 lakh farmer’s accounts with approximately Rs 1,293 billion. The Chief Minister also opened 30 Kalia Centres across the state, and extended the Kalia Scheme by three more years. If you’re looking for Odisha KALIA Yojana Kalia Yojana Installation Date, this is the page to visit. You will be guided through the online procedure to find the next installment money transfer amount quickly and conveniently.

Kalia Yojana

Odisha Chief Minster Naveen Patel established the Kalia Yojana in May 2022. The scheme is designed to assist small farmers, landless farmers and agricultural workers. So far, this initiative has helped 40 lakh small-scale farmers in Odisha. This initiative provides financial assistance, insurance and other forms support

Kalia Yojana Next Installment date

Naveen patnaik, a resident of India, used a videoconference on March 11, 2024 to transfer Rs. Direct Bank Transfers (DBTs) were used to transfer 933 crores into the Kalia beneficiary’s account. The Kalia installment amount is now available online. The next installment is scheduled to be paid on 1 June 2024.

Kalia Yojana: Next installment: Aadhaar must be linked to a bank account

According to the website, the next installment will require linking Aadhaar to the bank account. If a farmer is unable to do this, they will not be eligible for the next KALIA installment. The bank account linked to Aadhaar receives the next installment. Please link your bank to Aadhaar.

Criteria of Eligibility for Odisha Kalia Yojana

The following are the eligibility requirements for Kalia Yojana Next Installment.

  • The program that supports growers to cultivate can provide benefits to small and marginal farmers.
  • The program provides financial assistance to households who are farmers, but do not own land.
  • Kalia provides financial support to vulnerable agricultural households, including landless agricultural workers and vulnerable cultivators. The most vulnerable agricultural laborers are the older, disabled or ill people.
  • One beneficiary is eligible to receive only one of the above components: financial assistance to vulnerable agricultural households; support to landless agricultural households for their livelihood; and assistance to cultivators to help them with their cultivation.

Documents required

The following documents are required to receive the next installment of Kalia Yojana

  • Bank Account Number
  • Aadhaar Card Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Block/District Panchyat details

Kalia Yojana: Check the Status of Beneficiaries Online. Next Instalment 2024

This tutorial will help you to check your name in the list.

Kalia Yojana
Kalia Yojana
  • Choose the ‘Beneficiary status’ tab in the main menu.
Kalia Yojana
Kalia Yojana
  • Enter the District, Block/ULB and G.P.
Kalia Yojana
Kalia Yojana
  • Select ‘View’ to continue.
  • Information will be available to recipients.

Check Kalia Yojana payment date and amount

If you want to know when the next Odisha KALIA Yojana installment will be made, or how much money is available, follow the steps below.

  • Go to the KALIA Yojana website.
  • On the official Odisha KALIA site, you can now check the status of your KALIA money transfers or the list of beneficiaries.
  • Enter all necessary information by selecting the Installment Date & Amount Status now.
  • You will see the details of the Installment Payment Transfer.

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