Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2024:Women can travel free of cost ,Know Eligibility & Details

Karnataka Shakti Scheme-:It’s a good thing for Citizens  of Karnataka because the Shakti Scheme is now in place within the state. State residents can use state-owned busses for free from June 11,2023. There are certain conditions, for instance 50 percent in seats have been reserved exclusively for males. The person who is applying must be a resident of Karnataka state. Road transport companies will be granted reimbursement based on the distance traveled by women of the state. With the assistance of Seva SindhuPortal Seva Sindhu Portal females will be permitted to apply for the Shakti Smart Card within three months.

About Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2024

The Karnataka Shakti program, which offers women with free bus rides has reached the milestone of distributing 100 crore zero-fare tickets’.

As per the Karnataka Transport Department, the value of free tickets for women issued by the state-owned transport companies up to Monday was 2,397.8 crore. The budgetary allocation to the scheme this year was 2,800 crore. Minister of Transport Ramalinga Reddy said additional funds will be allocated in reappropriation during the legislative session for the winter season in state.

The plan is one of the five promises made by the current Congress in Karnataka prior to the elections in the beginning of this year. In the scheme, women in the state can enjoy free travel on non-luxury public transport buses in Karnataka. Since its launch on June 11,2023 the scheme has seen an average of between 18 to 19 lakh people who travel for free.

An Overviews Of Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2024

Name of the article Karnataka Shakti Scheme
Initiated by Government of Karnataka
Implemented from 11 June 2023
State Karnataka
Beneficiaries Women of the state
Benefits To provide free transportation in the state.
Website https://sevasindhuservices.karnataka.gov.in/  

Benefits Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2024

  • The program covers approximately 42 lakh transgenders and women(apart from a few linguistic minorities) who can travel free on all non-priority RTC bus in the state.
  • Aids beneficiaries to help the beneficiaries save time and money and increases opportunities for education and work healthcare, and other services..
  • It also boosts the number of riders and revenues for the RTCs, who were facing financial losses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as the competition of private companies.
  • Issues an Shakti Smart Card to each recipient, and it will function as an free bus ticket. The card will be issued with an unlimited validity and no renewal is needed.
  • The app allows users to look up buses’ routes and times and seat availability.
  • The security and safety of the people who are beneficiaries ensures the safety and security of the beneficiaries by the installation of CCTV cameras, GPS trackers along with panic alarms on the buses.

Objective Of Karnataka Shakti Scheme 2024

The primary goal of the state government is to offer complimentary bus rides to the women residing in the state. This initiative, providing free bus rides for women, holds the promise of fostering gender equality and instilling empowerment among women. By directly addressing the hurdles that women may encounter in accessing transportation services, this scheme seeks to bring about tangible and positive impacts on the lives of countless individuals. As a result, women across the state can expect improved mobility, expanded opportunities, and a greater sense of autonomy, ultimately contributing to their overall well-being and societal progress.

Eligibility Criteria for Shakti Smart Card Scheme Free Bus Pass

The Shakti Scheme 2023 in Karnataka stands as a beacon of empowerment, generously extended by the state government to women and transgender individuals. This flagship initiative offers a profound gift – free bus travel across all non-premium services provided by the state-run Road Transport Corporations (RTCs). Beyond the convenience of complimentary transportation, the scheme is a testament to the government’s commitment to fostering empowerment and inclusivity.

In recognizing the financial constraints that often accompany travel, especially for women and transgender persons, the Shakti Scheme aims to alleviate these burdens. By eliminating the cost of bus travel, the scheme not only facilitates greater mobility but also prioritizes the safety of its beneficiaries.

To be a part of this transformative initiative, individuals must meet specific eligibility criteria. Applicants, who must be women or transgender persons and permanent residents of Karnataka, are required to present a valid photo and identity proof, such as Aadhaar card, driving license, passport, or voter ID card. Importantly, the scheme excludes employees of the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and other RTCs, ensuring its benefits reach those outside these organizations.

Furthermore, the scheme takes care to include individuals not already exempt from paying bus fares due to linguistic minority status. This thoughtful consideration reflects the commitment to fairness and equal opportunity.

For those who meet these eligibility criteria, the path to enjoying the perks of the Shakti Scheme involves applying online for the Shakti Smart Card. This card, akin to a free bus pass, becomes a symbol of newfound accessibility and freedom. The application process is streamlined through the Seva Sindhu portal, providing a user-friendly platform where applicants can submit necessary documents to complement their applications.

In essence, the Shakti Scheme transcends mere transportation assistance; it represents a profound commitment to empowering individuals, breaking down barriers, and creating a more inclusive and equitable society.

How To Aplly For Karnataka Shakti Scheme

Karnataka Shakti Scheme

  • You’ll land on the homepage of the site.
  • If you’re a brand new user must you complete registration.
  • After registering successfully, log into the portal by entering the required information.
  • After logging in, you are able to apply for a smart card.
  • Choose the Apply option for Shakti Smart Card option.
  • An additional page is going to be shown with a form to fill out.
  • Fill in the information on the form for application.
  • Select”Submit” to submit your request. Submit option.

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