Odisha Garima Scheme 2024:Benefit To The Sanitation Workers

Odisha Garima Scheme:- Under the scheme, the Odisha government will provide benefits to around 20,000 sanitation workers and their families, catering to 100,000 people. The power of this system protects cleaners from injury and treats them. Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of the Government of Odisha, launched the Odisha Garima Scheme 2024. Additionally, there is a dedicated fund with an initial investment of Rs. 50 crore will be set up. The program implements and manages health-related activities to help workers and their families achieve economic security and economic benefits. In today’s article, we will discuss this process and its various benefits.

About Odisha Garima Scheme 2024

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Friday launched ‘GARIMA’ to protect the safety and rights of sanitation workers. Under the plan, 20,000 sanitation workers and their families, including 100,000 people, will benefit. The physical currency of rupees. Rs 50 crore will be raised and a National Central Infrastructure Workers Council will be formed. The scheme will be implemented in all districts of Odisha. This is a very good move by the state government for the health of sanitation workers and is appreciated across the world.

The project is India’s first to establish and operate a large-scale sanitation project, providing employment, social security and economic benefits to sanitation workers and their families. The system identifies and registers sanitation workers through a national survey; cleaning service providers must register; and provides the necessary machinery and personal protective equipment to ensure workplace safety.

Under the scheme, sanitation workers will receive skills training. If they choose to work, they can also receive advice on new skills and financial support.

Some of its benefits include special prices on cleaning services; risk and price difficulties; financial assistance to families in case of accident or injury; housing assistance; 10% discount on two-wheeler purchases. In addition, sanitation workers and their families can receive severance, post-employment pay and sick pay. In short, the plan offers many new benefits.

Odisha provides health and life insurance, disability assistance, regular health check-ups, housing, educational assistance, travel assistance and telephone assistance.

Odisha Garima Scheme(Highlights)

Name of the scheme Odisha Garima Scheme
Under Government of Odhisa
Launch by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
Launch Year 2024
Total Beneficiaries 20,000


Odisha Garima Scheme(Objectives)

Follows appropriate hygiene practices under facility supervision. Provide high-quality service benefits and safety benefits for medical staff and their families. Specializes in meeting legal requirements based on various national and state laws. Finally, manual workers and their families can receive financial rewards.

Odisha Garima Scheme(Benefits)

The Odisha Garima Project hopes to identify sanitation workers through a survey conducted across the state. This is achieved through registration of cleaning staff, registration of cleaning staff and provision of appropriate machinery and appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to prepare the workplace. Sanitation workers participating in the Garima scheme will have an opportunity to avail many benefits from the Odisha government. These benefits include:

  • Methods for Developing Teaching New Skills.
  • Life and health coverage which is the most important for such workers.
  • Counseling Facilitation.
  • Specific wages for core sanitation work,
  • Risk & Hardship allowance,
  • Financial help to a family in case of injury. (A must have strategy which needs encouragement as families suffer most after accidents of such workers)
  • House Grant, and 90% off two-wheelers.
  • Examinations of one’s health status on a regular basis.
  • Providing Assistance with Housing.
  • Efforts made to aid in education.
  • Aid for Motion.
  • Advocacy for People with Disabilities.
  • Basic Sanitation Work to Be Paid at a New Rate. Rates are improved and very helpful according to the authorities.
  • Risk and Hardship Funding Institutionalization.
  • Financial support for families in the case of an accident or illness.
  • Assistance in the form of a Homeowner’s Grant.
  • Two-wheeler purchases at a 90% discount.
  • Obtaining EPF Benefits.
  • Provisions made upon retirement which are new and improved one.
  • Gains after Serving.
  • Permissible Time Off for Illness or leaves.


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