TN E Pass for Ooty Kodaikanal:How To Apply Online,Last Date

The TN E-Pass for Ooty Kodaikanal :- Starting May 7, 2024, all tourist vehicles entering Kodaikanal or the Nilgiris region including Ooty must have an e-pass. The current system is in place until 30 June 2024. The e-pass will provide important information on the number of tourists visiting the hill stations in the summer peak months. The number of e passes that can be issued is also unlimited. This ensures that everyone has the chance to enjoy the beauty of Kodaikanal or Ooty. Nevertheless, locals are not required by law to purchase e-passes. This ensures that the everyday life of these areas will not be disturbed. Below you can find detailed information about the TN E Pass Ooty-Kodaikanal.

TN e Pass Ooty Kanaikanal 2024

The Madras High Court mandated the possession of an electronic pass by visitors to the hill towns Ooty & Kodaikanal during the summer. This is in order to regulate the traffic and visitor numbers. A pass that is electronically generated allows access to specific places. These two places are well-known for their picturesque scenery and friendly atmosphere. In order to accommodate visitors from outside Ooty or Kodaikanal, the government launched an online application for TN E-Pass on its website. To register, they must provide their ID, date of visit, as well as any information regarding their vehicle. E-Pass registrations are required for everyone who lives outside the two Tamil Nadu towns.

TN e Pass Ooty Kodaikanal objective

Visitors who don’t live in Ooty and Kodaikanal must now enter the hill towns with e-passes, as ordered by the Madras High Court of Chennai. This measure is intended to limit the number of cars and tourists in the summer holiday.

Benefits & Features of the TN E Pass, Ooty Kodaikanal

The TN E Pass Ooty Kodaikanal has many key features.

    • The official website of the Tamil Nadu Government allows applicants to apply online for TN ePass.
    • The website can be accessed from anywhere and at any time.
    • It is possible to regulate and maintain a certain population in the municipality. By accepting, rejecting or changing applications, they can reduce the risk of poor management.
    • With TN E-Pass travelers can be assured of the best experiences and services.
    • It can be difficult to see the place in its original form during high tourist season.
    • E-Pass was introduced to combat the pandemic virus. Population size decreases the likelihood that someone will be exposed to such hazards. In addition, less people under observation can improve security. Officers are able to do their job well without being overburdened.

Beauty Of Ooty

Ooty’s natural beauty is legendary. Do not miss a boat ride on the tranquil Ooty Lake surrounded by rolling mountains. The Doddabetta Peak trek, which is the highest point of the Nilgiris range, provides panoramic views. Visit the Government Rose Garden and the charming Raj Bhavan. For a bit of adventure, head to Mudumalai, where you can see tigers and elephants as well as a variety birds.

The Beauty of Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal is another gem of the South. Kodaikanal Lake is perfect for leisurely walks and boating. It’s surrounded by undulating mountains. Silver Cascade Falls or Bear Shola Falls are two of the most beautiful waterfalls in Shola. Stroll down the picturesque Coaker’s Walk for stunning views. Pillar Rocks is a place where three granite pillars resist gravity and stand tall. Bryant Park is a botanical paradise where you can find a wide variety of animals and plants.

Criteria ForOoty Kodaikanal TN E Pass

The following criteria must be met by applicants for ePass Ooty Kodaikanal:

      • Tamil Nadu residents who do not live in Ooty/Kodaikanal
      • Travelers from India and abroad planning to visit Tamil Nadu
      • Kodaikanal, Ooty and Kodaikanal are in need of individuals who do not have any business interests.

Documents Required

The following are some of the most important documents needed for TN E Pass Ooty Kodaikanal:

      • Identification proof such as Adharcard, passport, PAN card, etc
      • Vehicle information such as Vehicle number, Vehicle Type, etc.

How to apply for the TN E pass Ooty Kodaikanal

  • TN E Pass for Ooty Kodaikanal
    TN E Pass for Ooty Kodaikanal
    • Select the state, and then the ePass_TN(
    • Open the ePass Ooty Kodaikanal Application Form
    • Fill in the form now with all required information
    • Select the E-pass type that corresponds to your trip.
    • Upload all required documents
    • Accept the declaration now and click the submit button to finish the process
    • Your TN E Pass will be generated after successful registration

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