BSKY Nabin Card Online Apply 2024: Date Extended By 26th Jan

BSKY Nabin Card Online Apply 2024-:The Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana (BSKY), the top health program in the state has entered it’s third round on a Friday. Incorporating all rural families that were previously exempt from the program, it is now expected to provide coverage for 90 percent of the state’s population. Other than regular federal employees, as well as the income tax payers and all rural families that are not protected by the card, that will be charged by BSKY Nabin. Find below the complete information about BSKY Nabin Card such as Highlights of the card, objectives, features and benefits, eligibility requirements and Documents Required, Steps to sign up on the Portal and Steps to Login to the BSKY Portal as well as steps to Check the status of your Empanelment, and more.

About BSKY Nabin Card Online Apply 2024

Prior to the 2024 elections the chief minister Naveen Patnaik took a major move on Friday that expanded the state’s highly effective Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yajana (BSKY) health-assurance program to cover more than 90 percent of people. Health services in public facilities were offered for free to all during the initial phase of BSKY regardless of their residence or income. Medical care without cash was introduced in private hospitals in Phase 2.

As part of the program 1.3 lakh patients receive medical care that is cashless in private hospitals. more than 45 lakh individuals receive healthcare for free in state-run public facilities every month. This is equivalent to the 260 crore that is paid each month to private hospitals that have impaneled systems. BSKY has offered approximately 21 million patients cashless medical treatment that cost more than Rs. 4,500 crore at private hospitals in the last five years.

An Overview Of BSKY Nabin Card Online Apply 2024

Name BSKY Nabin Card
Full Form Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana Nabin Card
Initiated by Government of Odisha
Phase 3rd Phase
3rd Phase introduced by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik
3rd Phase introduced on Friday
Registration Start Date 06 Jan 2024
Registration Last Date 26 Jan 2024
Official Website

Objective Of BSKY Nabin Card Online Apply 2024

All interventions in the health sector of Odisha have been motivated by the vision of a healthy and happy Odisha (Sustha Odisha, Sukhi Odisha). The expansion of the program will guarantee that no family in Odisha is left vulnerable because they are unable to pay for the high costs associated with critical illnesses. It will deliver on the goal of providing everyone with access to healthcare.

Features & Benefits of BSKY Nabin Card 2024

The most important benefits and advantages that come with the BSKY Nabin Card are as the following:

  • Chief Minister Naveen patnaik announced The third stage of the state’s most popular health program i.e., Biju Swasthya Kalyan Yojana (BSKY) on Friday
  • According to Naveen his goals, he wants to provide all residents of Odisha the opportunity to have universal health coverage, so that everybody has access to quality, affordable healthcare.
  • BSKY has revolutionized the manner in which the citizens of the state are provided with healthcare.
  • For serious ailments, card holders will be treated cashless in private hospitals.
  • The card is valid for all families living in rural poverty except regular government workers and income tax payers.
  • BSKY will be able to cover over 1.10 crore families, or approximately 90 percent of the total population.
  • The people who qualify for the program would be granted cashless protection for certain ailments in private hospitals impaneled within and outside of the state, with a maximum of 10 lakh rupees. 10 lakhs for the women who live in households.
  • It has grown into a unique model of universal health care, which combines the advantages of both the commercial and public sectors to give the people of Odisha total health security.

Eligibility Criteria for BSKY Nabin Card 2024

The applicants who apply in the BSKY Nabin Card must fulfill the following requirements for eligibility:

    • No family member(s) are required to be tax-paying during FY 2022-23.
    • Families reside in rural areas of Odisha
    • Every family member shouldn’t be a regular employee of the government or pensioner from the government.
    • The family members of no one should be included in the current BSKY beneficiaries or Holder of a Ration Card.

BSKY Nabin Card Online Apply

Required Documents For BSKY Nabin Card 2024

  • Passport size photograph
  • Aadhaar Card
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Mobile Number

Guidelines For BSKY Nabin Card 2024

  1. Registration should be done in the name of the HoF (Head of the Family).
  2. The elder most female member (above 18 years) of the family can be treated as HoF (Head of the Family). In case a family do not have female member or age below 18 years, then the elder most male member of the family (above 18 years) can be treated as HoF.
  3. Any members (applicant or HoF) above age of 18 can apply for BSKY NABIN CARD on behalf of family.
  4. Address of the HoF and other family members in the Aadhaar Card must belong to rural area of Odisha and same.
  5. In case the Address of the married women member in Aadhaar is not same as the address of the HoF, then an undertaking must be submitted to provided updated Aadhaar card with HoF address by 30.06.2024.
  6. Aadhaar card of all family members, including children under 5 years. In case Aadhaar card of children under 5 years is not available, an undertaking must be submitted to provide Aadhaar card number by 30.06.2024.
  7. The applicant must have an Aadhaar card, linked with an active mobile number.
  8. Aadhaar based E-KYC (Know your consumer) is mandatory for the applicant.
  9. Voter ID card (EPIC card) for all family members above 18 years of age.
  10. The applicant or HoF (Head of the Family) must have valid mobile no. to receive the important communication.
  11. Recent photograph of the applicant as well as Head of the Family (or captured directly by the system).

How Apply For BSKY Nabin Card 2024

The government hasn’t released an official application procedure regarding the cards. However the general process for applying is provided in the following sections for assistance to come.

  1. Eligible family to visit to to apply for BSKY NABIN card.

  1. Please read and agree to the declaration confirming that no family member is either an income tax payee or a regular government employee or pensioner.
  2. Agree to the Aadhaar consent for e-KYC.

BSKY Nabin Card Online Apply

  1. Enter Aadhaar number of the HoF (Head of the Family) or applicant.
  2. If the entered Aadhaar number is not available in both BSKY and Govt. employee database, then only the applicant can be eligible to apply for BSKY NABIN card.
  3. Perform e-KYC to fetch Name, Date of Birth/Age, Gender, Address with pin code of the applicant.
  4. Enter Voter ID (EPIC) card number and upload the scanned copy.
  5. Validate mobile number of applicant through OTP.
  6. Add family member(s), validate the name and Aadhaar number and mention relationship with HoF.
  7. Preview the registration form before submitting.
  8. Take copy of the acknowledgement receipt number for future reference.

Frequently Asked Questions

BSKY NABIN CARD is the expansion of existing BSKY schemes, where all left out families of rural areas (excluding regular government employee or pensioner or income tax payers) of Odisha will be assured of cashless care in private hospitals, for critical ailments.
No, the existing BSKY card and the new BSKY NABIN CARD are different.The new BSKY NABIN CARD to be issued to the rural residents only.
  • Cashless treatment for 9 identified critical diseases (Heart Diseases, Kidney Diseases, Liver diseases, Brain Stroke, Severe Head Injury, Brain Tumour, Burns Management, Nerve & Muscle Diseases and Cancer) at all empanelled private hospitals both inside & outside Odisha.
  • Cashless treatment of Rs.5 lakh per annum per family and additional Rs.5 lakh for women members of the family.
BSKY NABIN CARD holders will get cashless coverage at empanelled private hospitals with effect from 1st May, 2024.

To eligible for registration under BSKY NABIN CARD, all family members must meet the following criteria :

  • Residing in rural areas.
  • No family member should be an income tax payer during FY 2022-23.
  • No family member should be a regular government employee or government pensioner.
  • No family member should be part of the existing BSKY beneficiaries / Ration Card holder.

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