Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy list 2024: Check Status Online

Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy list 2024 is available on Prime Minister Ujjwala Yojana’s official website. The official list has those names Telangana citizens who have submitted applications for this subsidy scheme. The GAS Cylinder Grant Subsidy List is open to everyone. On the official site, anyone can find out whether their name appears. The benefits are provided through the federal government in the Ujjwala Yojana Scheme. To our knowledge, regular LPG gas cylinders were entitled to a 200-rupee subsidy. However, as of now the program provides the LPG gas the cylinders with a gasoline subsidy that is 300 rupees. To find out more concerning this program, click here. GAS Cylinder Subsidy List 2024 check out the following article.

About Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy List 2024

Ujjwala beneficiaries currently pay Rs 703 to purchase 14.2 Cylinders, even though prices on the market are 903. Today the beneficiary has to pay the sum of Rs 603. A copy of the Telangana GAS Cylinder Schedule of Subsidy is accessible on the official website available to Telangana beneficiaries who have applied for the program. A more substantial subvention of 300 rupees. 300 would be offered in a straight credit to Ujjwala beneficiary. The list is now accessible to view on the official website of those who are eligible. The candidates will be able to see if they’re benefitting from it in this manner. Each recipient is able to access the list due to the Telangana government.

Overview Of Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy List 2024

Name Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy List
Initiated by Government Of Telangana
Name Of Yojana Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana 2024
Objective Providing a subsidy of Rs.300 to citizens
List Release Date 24 January 2024
Starting For For all residents of Telangana
Official Website

Objevctive Of Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy List 2024

Providing recipients with the ability to verify their names is the primary goal of the Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy List. The official list makes it simple for the recipients to verify their names. Online at the official webpage for Telangana beneficiaries who have applied for this programme is the Cylinder Subsidy List. For eligible candidates, the list can now be viewed on the official website. In this way, they will be able to assess whether or not they are benefiting from it. The Telangana government has made the list available to all recipients.

What Is Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy Scheme

The Congress Party has released an election program. Their manifesto have promised to offer petrol cylinders for 500 rupees. After assuming the power, the state administration of Telangana has implemented its gas cylinder scheme. The beneficiaries of the scheme will be given the cylinder for 500 rupees. After the proposal is approved and implemented, petrol cylinders will become available to all residents of Telangana. It will no longer be necessary to rely on anyone else to purchase petrol cylinders. They can purchase fuel cylinders through government officials of the Telangana state government for a lower cost. Beneficiaries of the plan will receive an improvement to their standard of living.

Benefits Of Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy Scheme

The following are the advantages of the GAS Cylinder in Telangana. Subsidy List

  • The Official Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yajana website contains an informational Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy List 2024.
  • Names of Telangana residents who applied for this subsidy program are listed on the official list.
  • Everybody is able to access the Cylinder Subsidy GAS List.
  • Anyone can see whether their name appears by visiting the website of official authorities.
  • By way of through the Ujjwala Yojana Scheme, the central government is able to provide the benefits.
  • As far as we’re aware, a 200-rupee subsidy was previously available to the standard LPG gas-powered cylinders.
  • As of now, the initiative provides the gas subsidy of 300 rupees for LPG gas Cylinders.

Eligibility Criteria For Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy Scheme

Following are the eligibility criteria for Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy List

  • The applicant must make Telangana their permanent home.
  • The standards for being below the poverty line must be met by applicants.
  • The candidate must be eighteen years of age or older.
  • There shouldn’t be any more LPG connections in the same house.

How to Check Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy List Online

Follow the directions below to access this GAS Cylinder Subsidy list.

Telangana GAS Cylinder Subsidy list

  • On the homepage, click the the gas company to which you’ve applied.
  • After the page loads When the page is displayed, click “Ujjawala Beneficiary.”
  • Input the information regarding your state, district village, block and. Use a captcha code to confirm.
  • The list of recipients will be displayed at the top of your screen.
  • Find out if the name of yours is listed.


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