Gati Shakti Sanchar Portal 2024

Gati Shakti Sanchar Portal:- The government should take action on digital transformation and lead India in another direction through the “Make in India” initiative. In a public statement, it was said that the development of the portal was initiated by the National Broadband Mission, which aims to “provide broadband infrastructure to every citizen, organization and service and provide required services to residents.” Today The article will discuss in depth. We also discussed its goals, benefits and services, which can be found on the official website.

About Gati Shakti Sanchar Portal

Minister for Communications, Electronics and IT Ashwini Vaishnaw inaugurated the Gati Shakti Sanchar Foundation to empower the Right of Way Center (RoW). This is to ensure that everyone, especially those in rural areas, has equal access to broadband services across the country. In fact, mobile Internet is one of its domestic activities, but it requires network connection services useful for mobile Internet.

Therefore, a website was created based on the National Broadband Mission. Broadband infrastructure is critical for every citizen so that government and services are available when needed and people are digitally empowered, the National Broadband Mission (NBM) said in a government press release. This is a process where the government or UT collaborates with other relevant organizations to implement the use of Right of Way (RoW) through a single interface. The goal of the portal is to make the online program open, responsive and accountable to all stakeholders. This has also become an important part of “easy doing business” as online platforms where digital devices are placed are governed by inconsistent and unclear policies and procedures and keep the registration process flowing smoothly.

Key outcomes of DOT’s work: The agency must ensure they have authoritative online services that promote online access, service delivery and digital literacy for all with sustainable, affordable and life-changing technology.

Gati Shakti Sanchar Portal(Highlights)

Portal Name Gati Shakti Sanchar Portal
Launched By Ministry for Communications, Electronics, and IT
Objective Accelerate the broadband services
Important features Status checking, Dashboard/ Application procedure


Gati Shakti Sanchar Portal(Objectives)

The group needs and wants to speed up the licensing of fiber installations and platforms, as well as accelerate the rollout of upcoming 5G. To achieve this, infrastructure is needed. This can be done by providing efficient and effective digital communication channels across the country, which can be done by the Ministry of Communications. Furthermore, the Ministry of Communications will create a new center called ‘GatiShakti Sanchar’ to ensure this. This will make it easier to achieve the goal of “universal infrastructure” outlined in the National Digital Communications Plan II. The website will be based on the theme of “Ease of Doing Business” in the telecommunications industry.

Gati Shakti Sanchar Portal(Features)

  • The rapid deployment of RoW services by different service providers and operators will enable service providers and different infrastructures to accelerate the creation and implementation of 5G.
  • This website allows applicants from different entities (TSP) and (IP) to apply for right-of-way permission from state governments/UTs and local bodies for laying fiber optic cables and erecting platforms.
  • Fiber optics will be installed in telecommunications buildings across the country to increase density and ensure user Internet speeds.
  • For continuous improvement, the portal’s dashboard provides state and local inspections.
  • This portal will provide assistance to applicants from other parts of the world and other interested parties by phone (0755-2700802) and via email through the Customer Information Center ( (Monday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm, 10am to 6pm)
  • 2 Agencies significantly linked to the portal include the Ministry of Railways, Road Transport and Communications. Roads and Defense.

Gati Shakti Sanchar Portal(Benefits)

  • Requesting RoW authorization for any Indian state in a single location
  • Quicker deployment of services such as 5G, fiberization of towers, and broadband connection for people and organizations.
  • Centralized monitoring of the progress of application deletion
  • Notifications triggered by changes in application processing
  • The centralized availability of a help desk
  • As a result of the Communications Ministry’s monitoring of pending applications, approvals will be expedited.

Gati Shakti Sanchar Portal(Documents)

  • To find out how much is available in your state, you need to visit the official website and read the prices and document requirements under the application process on the homepage.
  • Click on the new page that appears, select your country and choose the price for the service type, and the relevant documents will be displayed.

Gati Shakti Sanchar Portal(Application Process)

  • To order under the bottle, you must visit the official website.
  • The website’s homepage will display after the login button is clicked.
  • A new page will be shown to you.
  • And if you are a first-time user, you must select“new applicant registration.”
  • We must enter our email password and click the register button in a pop-up window.
  • A verification link will be sent to your email address, which you must input to continue.
  • Then you must pick the address information, such as state it, and click continue.
  • Did you need to submit a fresh request?
  • After that, you must apply for and pay the administrative fees.
  • After approval, you are required to pay infrastructure costs.
  • And last, the electronic signing letter may be downloaded.
  • This was the application procedure for the Row portal.




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