National Service Scheme(NSS) 2024:Benefits,Features,Eligibility

National Service Scheme(NSS):- For students who want to volunteer while in college, the Indian government has launched the National Service Scheme. International programs offer many services to assist students from various backgrounds. All activities offered by the program are open to students and they have the right to participate. The program is designed to monitor children’s behavior so that they can engage with humans and the environment. Students who volunteer under the National Employment Program can be compensated in a variety of ways. Read the article below to learn about the National Service Scheme (NSS).

National Service Scheme
National Service Scheme(NSS)

About National Service Scheme(NSS) 2024

The National Service Scheme (NSS) was established on September 24, 1969 by Dr. V.K. Rao, then Education Minister Build character. The Government of India’s Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports is responsible for protecting the program. Under NSS, students must complete 2 years of service to complete their studies. Under the program, students must complete 120 hours of community service each year and participate in special campus events.

National Service Scheme(NSS)(Highlights)

Name National Service Scheme (NSS)
Launched by Government of India
Beneficiaries Students of India
Objective Providing different types of activities with salary
Official website


National Service Scheme(NSS)(Objectives)

The program is designed to provide assistance to the public without relying on and encouraging students to receive government aid. NSS leaders are committed to ensuring that all homeless people receive assistance to improve their lives and achieve independence. By doing this, volunteers learn from people in the city how to live independently without money. It also helps people affected by natural disasters and disasters by providing food, clothing and medical assistance. The main goal is to create productivity sufficient to solve people’s problems.

National Service Scheme(NSS)(Benefits)

  • Understanding where they operate is an organization’s greatest asset.
  • organizations also support social interaction.
  • Management needs to redefine the needs and problems of the community and involve the community in solving the problems.
  • Furthermore, it helps strengthen community strength and social responsibility. It helps use knowledge to find solutions to problems faced by people and communities.
  • It also helps develop skills and share responsibilities.
  • Through volunteering, management helps people develop their skills.
  • Additionally, people can develop their own leadership skills People involved in natural disasters can be combative.

National Service Scheme(NSS)(Implimentation)

The Indian organization is a public agency affiliated to the state-level NSA unit. Each state government is responsible for maintaining the state NSS cell. Every government college has an NSS Institute where NSS units (located in colleges and universities) work. Many officially supported governments and foundations have dedicated NSS units. The organization encourages NSS volunteers. Typically, there are 20 to 40 students in a class. Supervision shall be provided by the principal of the school; this representative shall report to the NSS Regional Manager. Many organizations do not provide special uniforms to NSS volunteers as they are private organizations and dedicated to the support of the Government of India.

National Service Scheme(NSS)(Stipend)

  • The amount is Rs. Rs 250 per volunteer per annum Special Housing Program (SCP) volunteers will receive Rs 450 each for a period of 7 days for pastoral and rural areas.
  • NSS Regional Directorate, National NSS Cell and Personnel Training Institute (ETI) are funded by the Government of India.

National Service Scheme(NSS)(Eligibility)

  • Candidates must be permanent residents of India.
  • Students must be enrolled in the following courses: Grade 11; Grade 12; +2 board levels.
  • students and graduates from technical institutions of higher learning in India
  • higher education institutions in India offering higher degrees.

National Service Scheme(NSS)(How To Apply)

By enrolling in any university or college located in India, all students have the opportunity to sign up for the National Service Scheme directly.

NSS Scheme FAQ’s

What is the NSS’s motto?

“NOT ME BUT YOU” is the National Service Scheme’s motto or watchword.

What is the NSS’s overarching goal?

Character development of the student through volunteerism.

What does the NSS badge’s navy blue colour symbolise?

The navy blue colour represents the universe, of which the NSS is a little part, and showsthat it is prepared to do its fair contribution to the wellbeing of humanity.



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